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Welcome To Sandrine A. 
A place to Relax, Renew, Restore Your Health, and improve your relationship with Body, Mind & Spirit

Begin your Journey to Health, Happiness, and overall well-being!

Yoga and massage in Mallorca

Living a healthy, balanced life is simple — in theory. Eating well, exercising daily, being kind to yourself, and keeping a regular sleep schedule are the basics. 

But life happens. Sometimes, we can't take care of ourselves as we should. Careers, families, emergencies, and illnesses can all get in the way. Plus, if we don't care for ourselves, we can't properly care for others. 


If the stressors in your life are piling up, you may want to consider taking Yoga classes, having a massage, or taking a workshop or training with me to learn how you can heal and reconnect with your true Self, and find balance in your overall well-being.

Let's work together!

Massage Therapist Mallorca

Massage service in Mallorca

It's time to take a break!

Come and experience a feeling of deep relaxation!

Your Private Yoga Teacher

For bachelorette and birthday parties, any event and retreat, at home or holiday home.

Yoga for bachelorette party
Anatomy for Yoga Training Mallorca_edite

Yoga Training & Workshops in Mallorca

I offer Yoga Training and Workshops in Mallorca

In-person or Online Private Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga &

FitYoga sessions



Goddess Flow Yoga Training

 50-hour Course

November 15 to 20

Goddess Flow Yoga Teacher Training_edited_edited.jpg

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Yoga and massage Mallorca
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