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Hi there, I am Sandrine,

Yoga Teacher Mentor, Life Coach for Women

& Holistic Therapist

My passion and mission is to guide, support, motivate, inspire, mentor & coach Yoga Teachers in their career but also in their personal growth. I also coach women who seek to unlock their potential and live their dream life. And as a Holistic Therapist,

I help anyone to balance their life with a Holistic approach.

All this through training, workshops, retreats,

one-on-one consultations & group programs.

Let's work together!

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Rise & Shine - Coaching & Mentorship Program For Yoga Teachers

Support, guidance, orientation, inspiration, action plan, and strategy for Yoga Teachers

50-hour Goddess Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Unleash your inner Goddess and power

Train with me

Formación de yoga vinyasa flow y coaching para profesores de yoga

50-h Advanced Training for
Yoga Teachers

50-h Advanced Technical Training for Yoga Teachers to deepen their skills, knowledge in anatomy, teaching, sequencing,

adjusting & assisting!

Formación de yoga vinyasa flow y coaching para profesores de yoga

Online or in-person Mentoring consultations

Support, guidance, advice, orientation, motivation, inspiration

for Yoga Professionals

Yoga teacher mentor and coach

Online or in-person 
Coaching consultations

I am here to encourage you to go after the life you dream of, and to guide you and support you on your personal & professional growth