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Healthy Companies

Education and guidance that favors the organization of work as well as the employees' well-being, thus offering optimization of resources and an improvement of the production process


Wellness and nutrition service for companies that want to profoundly influence the work performance, emotional health, and general well-being of their employees.

Food and nutritional education are fundamental pillars of the individual and collective health of the population.

This is how the World Health Organization (WHO) contemplates it in its health objectives and the various countries include them in their health plans, insisting on the importance of eating habits as a determining factor.

My services

  • Group and individual well-being, and nutrition coaching

  • Interactive and dynamic talks: well-being, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, positive psychology, stress, motivation, and consciousness (mindfulness, mindful eating).

  • Workshops: relaxation and breathing techniques, conscious movement, stress management, healthy eating, cooking and preparing ahead of time, preparing menus, daily and weekly planning, time management...

If you want to bring my services to your company, contact me and we'll talk about it!

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