Life Coaching

Empowering you to go after your dream life, boost your self-esteem,

unlock your potential and connect to your true self!

Online Coaching
with Sandrine Antenucci

I offer online coaching to encourage you to go after the life you want, and to guide you into happier choices, whether it's on the emotional, personal, professional, or spiritual aspects of your life.

I will help you, using a variety of coaching techniques, tools, and exercises, to set goals for what you want to achieve in your personal and professional development, in your spiritual growth, but also in your overall wellness, by working with you on plans of action to reach these goals and navigate through obstacles and problems to develop self-efficacy. 

Areas I can help you with:

  • Stress management

  • Goal setting & planning

  • Finding your life purpose

  • Career guidance

  • Happiness guidance

  • Wellness & Healthy lifestyle

  • Self-limiting beliefs

  • Self-esteem & confidence

  • Self-motivation & how to stay motivated

  • Emotional & spiritual guidance

  • Positive mindset

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What does a Life Coach do?

A Life Coach helps empower you to meet your life goals.

A Life Coach helps people set goals for what they want to achieve in their personal and professional life by working with them on plans of action to reach these goals and attain fulfillment.

As a Certified Life Coach, I am your personal advocate for living a passionate life with joy and positivity to the fullest. I will work with you to help you feel your best and go after the life you want with healthy choices and habits that are in alignment with the person you are or want to be, and will help you unlock your potential to work on your personal and professional growth.

During each consultation, we will discuss and work on a specific goal and I will ask you questions that will awaken in you your own answers, potential, skills, abilities, values, and belief system.

Put simply, coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the 'here and now' rather than on the past or future.

Life Coaching Mallorca

Meet your Coach

Hi there, I am Sandrine,

I am a certified Life Coach, a forever Yoga Practitionerand a very active and healthy woman, passionate about life, Salsa dancing, plant-based food, healthy living, holistic therapies, yoga & yoga workout, my two dogs, and my three cats, living in Mallorca... and so much more!!!

I am very passionate about motivating, guiding, supporting, inspiring, and helping women to find their true Selves, break their limiting beliefs, grow personally, spiritually, and professionally, and go after the life they dream of.

Because I've been there too, I can share with you my personal and professional experience and expertise as an independent woman entrepreneur, a life-quester, and a healthy yogini. 

Here I am, to guide you, motivate you, inspire you and support you! 

Contact me now to book your free 20-min online consultation with me.


"Such a great teacher & mentor, thanks for your help, reminders, ideas, inspiration, and laughter. 

You are a breath of fresh air".

- Lorraine, England

“You are so inspiring and motivated me so much during our life coaching sessions. I feel so much more confident now.”

- Carine, France

“Thank you for your support and motivation. I had such an amazing time with our coaching consultations. I am now ready to shine through with my own coaching sessions!

I am so grateful I found you.”

- Mary, Mallorca

How does it work?

If it is our first meeting together we will start with a free 20-minute online consultation - via Google Meet - to see how I can help you and what your intentions are, then if you want to work with me we will schedule our first online coaching consultation.

Before the session, I will send you a questionnaire that you should complete and return to me with all the information required. This will help me to know you better and will allow me to prepare for our first session together.


*What you get:

  • one-to-one 60 min online coaching consultation

  • Assessment & evaluation

  • Worksheets & a plan to work on your goal

  • Notes of the session

  • 30min follow-up consultation


After the initial session, any additional session will last for 60min for a price of 60 , including notes of the session, plan de action, and worksheets.

Or you can choose a pack of 5 sessions for 270 euros (instead of 300).