Holistic Therapy

Muscle tension, chronic headaches, insomnia, bad digestion, fatigue, stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, physically and emotionally tired?

Well, I am here to guide you restore your health through a holistic approach, dealing with Body - Mind - Spirit - Nutrition

Let's work together!

Yoga Therapy

One-to-one Holistic Therapy Consultations, tailored, and customized to your needs, online or in-person if you live in Mallorca (in my consulting room in the beautiful & peaceful village of Ariany)

Sessions content, depending on your needs:

  • Holistic assessment

  • Body therapy (Yoga, mindful movements, Thai Massage)

  • Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation & Visualisation techniques

  • Chakras Healing

  • Mindfulness

  • Holistic pain management

  • Stress Management & Positive Psychology

  • Wellness & Healthy lifestyle guidance

With my holistic Yoga therapy, you learn new ways of thinking and dealing with everyday situations and what causes discomfort and stress.

We focus on the present to solve unpleasant, difficult, and complicated situations, using relaxation and breathing techniques, guided meditation, mindfulness, tips to improve the mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional state.

I do not do medical diagnoses and encourage you to see

your healthcare practitioner before coming to me.

Why Holistic Therapy?


"Dealing with or treating the whole of someone and not just a part".



"A treatment that helps someone feel better and grow stronger".

Holistic Therapy sessions aim to treat physical and emotional issues - muscle tension, bad posture, chronic headaches and migraines, insomnia, bad digestion, fatigue, stress, anxiety...

We can work on:

  • Specific Yoga Postures to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and heal from any injury or aches.

  • Improving your breathing and stress relief with Breathwork

  • More focus and attention to the present moment, less past and future, with Mindfulness exercises

  • Clearing your mind from unnecessary chatters with Meditation practice

  • Improving your energy flow with Chakra Healing techniques and applied Thai Massage

  • Reducing your stress level with Stress Management Techniques

  • Reducing physical & mental pain with Holistic Pain Management Techniques

  • Wellness & Healthy lifestyle guidance tips

yoga therapy session mallorca
Sandrine, yoga teacher & massage therapist

About Sandrine

Hi there,

I am Sandrine and I have been passionate about my job as a Yoga Teacher, Therapist, Trainer, and Coach since I started my journey with Yoga over 14 years ago now!!!

My mission is to help you heal, connect, balance, and align your body, heart, mind, spirit, and soul, get healthy, improve your lifestyle, unleash your authentic self, and live your life with purpose and meaning in a joyful and blissful way!

Contact me to get your FREE 20min

introductory session with me!

I can't wait to work with you!



If it is our first meeting we will start with a free 20-minute introductory consultation - through a phone call or in-person if you live in Mallorca - to see how I can help you and what your intentions are, then if you want to work with me we will schedule our first consultation via google Meet or at my consultation room in the beautiful village of Ariany in Mallorca.

Before our session, I will send you a questionnaire that you should complete and return to me. This will help me to know you better and will allow me to prepare for our first session together.


*What you get:

  • one-to-one 90 min online or in-person Holistic Therapy Consultation

  • Holistic assessment (nutrition - health - wellbeing - mental-emotional) & evaluation

  • Notes of the session with the tools and techniques used sent by email

  • Tips, resources

  • Confidentiality

Price: 100 

After the initial session, any additional session will last for 60min for 60 , including notes of the session sent by email + resources.

Or you can choose a pack of 5 sessions for 270 euros (instead of 300).