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Massage in Mallorca
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Receive a massage in my massage room in the village of Ariany or in the comfort of your home or holiday home.

I offer a variety of massages suitable for everybody depending on your needs, whether it's a Thai Yoga Massage to unblock the energy flow, stretch your body, release light tension, or an oily massage that can be a deep therapeutic massage to release tight muscles or a relaxing massage to take you into a deeply restful state. I also do Pregnancy massage.

Discover my massage services below.

I also practice energy balancing and acupressure while giving a massage, depending on the client's needs and health condition, so it can help restore your physical and emotional health!

Let's work together!

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Holistic Full Body Massage
60 minutes, or 75 minutes (with Face & skull included)

A 60-minute full-body massage, or a 75-minute one (this one with face & skull included) for releasing tension, equilibrating emotions, and relaxing your body, and facial expressions.

Face massage: a relaxing ritual leaving your face smooth and hydrated. For this massage, you can choose the oil of choice: rosehip, lavender, or orange.

Face massage with a Gua Sha (on request and only for the 75-minute massage).
Gua sha is an ancient Chinese method that uses a special stone to massage the skin, helping to relieve tension and improve blood flow through facial massage.


  • At my place: 70€ for 75min (face & skull included)

  • At your place: 80€ + Travel expenses

  • At my place: 60€ for 60min

  • At your place: 70€ + Travel expenses

Inquiry & Booking

Deep Therapeutic Massage

It's a type of massage technique that uses deep pressure, combining strokes, finger, knuckle, and elbow pressure. The purpose of this massage is to release the tension and tightness held deeply in your muscles and connective tissues. A deep therapeutic massage will typically focus on your primary areas of discomfort working out the knots that are usually felt in the upper back, shoulders, neck, and legs. This form of therapy is also ideal for sporty people.

Techniques used: myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and acupressure.

  • At my place: 70€ for 60min

  • At your place: 80€ for 60min + Travel expenses

Inquiry & Booking


Pregnancy Massage

From back pain to swollen feet, pregnancy can take its toll in more ways than one. 

There's nothing like a soothing prenatal massage (ahh…) to rub away the pains and strains of pregnancy. Prenatal massages are adapted for the anatomical changes you go through during pregnancy.

As your shape and posture change, I will make you feel safe and comfortable with the support of pillows and cushions to allow you to relax and receive all the benefits of a traditional massage. 


  • At my place: 80€ for 60min

  • At your place: 90€ for 60min + Travel expenses

Inquiry & Booking

Thai Yoga Massage Mallorca

Thai Yoga Massage

This massage technique helps you rehabilitate and balance your body, physically and energetically, while increasing flexibility.

You will experience balance and peace in your body as you lengthen muscles through deep stretching yoga-like movements, and bodywork, with your clothes on. 

apply direct or rhythmic pressure on the muscles (acupressure) to unblock the sen lines (meridians). With this massage, you lay on a padded mat on the floor while wearing loose clothing.

The massage can take place in the comfort of your home, or my yoga room in Ariany.


  • At my place: 70€ for 75min

  • At your place: 80€ for 75min + Travel expenses

Inquiry & Booking

Private Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage at once

In Ariany or at home

Receive a Yoga session and a Thai Yoga Massage at once to reach a complete state of relaxation and re-balance your flow of energy (Yin & Yang).


  • Improves joint mobility

  • Improves blood, lymphatic, and energy circulation

  • Provides a feeling of physical, mental, and energetic well-being

  • Relaxes body and mind

  • Stretches the whole body

A 45 min Yoga + 30 min Thai Yoga Massage:

  • 60€ at my place

  • 70€ at your place Travel expenses

This combo is for one person only

“Excellent relaxing experience with a great professional like Sandrine.

I had a stiff back and now I feel much better. Thank you!"

"Sandrine Thai massage was an awesome experience! I recommend trying it!

"Had an amazing massage with Sandrine. She got all the knots out of my muscles. Highly recommended!"

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