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Stress Management

I will guide you to take care of your emotional health 

  • What is stress?

  • What are the symptoms?

  • What are the sources of stress? And the health consequences?

  • What solution is there to deal with stress?

Stress has become the disease of the 21st century.

Everyone goes through stressful times, but not everyone knows how to deal with them.

In the long term, stress can become chronic and lead to major illnesses.

If you don't know how to deal with it, here I am to help you!

Through exercises, tools, and effective coaching techniques, I will guide you to identify what stresses you out and why, and together we will focus on finding solutions and motivation so that you can adopt healthier and less stressful lifestyle habits.

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Stress Management
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"Thank you Sandrine for your help, your good vibes and for making me believe that I can dot it all myself!"

- Lisa, Mallorca

“Bye bye stress! Sandrine has been a wonderful guide for me through this coaching process. I highly recommend her!”

- Adeline, Mallorca

“Thank you for your support and motivation. I had such an amazing time with our coaching consultations."

- Ingrid, France

Muscle tension, chronic headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, fatigue, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, feeling overwhelmed, overweight, underweight,

physically and emotionally tired?

Well, I am here to guide you restore your health through a holistic approach, dealing with Body - Mind - Nutrition

Let's work together!

How does it work?

If it is our first meeting together we will start with a free 20-minute online consultation - via Google Meet - to see how I can help you and what your intentions are, then if you want to work with me we will schedule our first online or in-person coaching consultation.

Before the session, I will send you a questionnaire that you should complete and return to me with all the information required. This will help me to know you better and will allow me to prepare for our first session together.


*What you get:

  • one-to-one 75 min online or in-person coaching consultation

  • Assessment and evaluation

  • Worksheets and a plan to work on your goals

  • Notes of the session

  • Resource

  • 20min follow-up session

Price: 120 

After the initial session, any additional session will last for 45-60min for a price of 50, including notes of the session, plan of action, and worksheets.

I recommend you choose the 5-session plan for 225 (instead of 250) to achieve your goals. We will meet every two weeks to evaluate your progress and achievement.

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