Trainees testimonials

A 200-hour training very intense, but very special, full of  good energy.

Thank you Sandrine for your patience, teaching and company. I enjoyed it very much and it will surely not be the last time I share your yoga classes on this beautiful Island.

Norma - January 2020

I found the course extremely rounded and thorough and has allowed me to gain all the knowledge I need to immerse myself deeper into yogas amazing offerings. Sandrine had strong teaching skills and you won’t leave without having being told all the information you need to continue this awesome path!
My thanks to Sandrine, highly recommend! 

Romy - January 2020

My experience with the Vinyasa Flow Yoga School Mallorca teacher training was impressive. It was very profound, professional, intense and I learned incredibly much! The training was very good structured. The director of the school is amazing! She is very passionate about Yoga and her school and provides a profound knowledge which she shares with her students in a very powerful and effective way. I feel now perfectly prepared to apply all the knowledge and wisdom I was taught! I can definitely recommend this training!!!!

Monika - May 2019

3 weeks that have changed everything

for me.

Thank you Sandrine Antenucci  for this fabulous training... I definitely recommend this school.

Geraldine - May 2019

Excellent Yoga School! Sandrine is a fantastic teacher, and I loved being in a small group of students to really get the most out of the course.

Rachel - November 2018

An intensive, dynamic and deeply educational training led passionately by Sandrine. An unforgettable experience!

Iki - August 2018

Sandrine is a magical yoga teacher: she teaches more than simple theoretical and technical concepts, she guides you on a deep trip through your self. I warmly recommend her.

Roberta - July 2018

Sandrine is a wonderful person full of love and passion for what she does, she is eager to share her extensive knowledge & experience and really connects with her students at a personal level - I can't imagine a better place to learn all about yoga and life itself. I will definitely continue coming back to Sandrine to deepen my practice and would recommend her training to anyone.

Janica - August 2017

Thank you Sandrine for this great training, thanks for sharing all your knowledge.
I have learned, and now I am a Yoga teacher but apart from that I take with me the love, the beautiful experiences, and great people in my heart and new friendships from your training ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you, and totally recommended.

Aina - January 2020

After finishing my 200RYT training, I can say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life. A training based on empowering beliefs, on the integral learning of the practice of yoga (body-mind-spirit), on respect and on a healthy and sustainable diet.
It has been 3 weeks where I have been able to put into practice everything learned day after day and that has made me grow and be stronger.
The training allows us to understand, know and accept what our body is like through a more in-depth study of anatomy for movement.
Thank you Sandrine for each day on the mat and for each step gained after the training.
I will miss you very much.

Sandra - July 2019

Sandrine has an amazing energy and passion for the subject. Her anatomical knowledge was particularly impressive and I especially appreciated all of the assisting and adjusting skills that I was taught on her training.​

Sophie - May 2019

The transmission of knowledge. The good energy of Sandrine. Highly recommended!

Melina - January 2019

Highly recommended! Sandrine is inspiring, passionate, and professional! The 200-h teacher training has been pure joy and life-changing!

Celia - August 2018

Incredible experience practicing yoga in Mallorca with Vinyasa Flow Yoga School. I learned so much not just through the asana practice but through Sandrine's passion to live in all aspects of life. I would highly recommend anyone to take this course to deepen their knowledge of yoga even if they may not want to teach.


Georgina - July 2018

I did a training with Sandrine and it turned out to be an apprenticeship in all aspects since her professionalism, knowledge and love for what she does is shared in a kind and complete way.
Thanks from my heart.

Maribel - January 2018

Sandrine is fantastic!! With so wide and deep knowledge and has such an inspiring way to teach!
Never felt so safe with a yoga teacher before!

Jessica - August 2017

Un lugar en donde te encontrarás a ti mismo y aprenderás a fluir con la vida.

Mariela - January 2017

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