How to choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training for you?

So, thinking about doing a Yoga Teacher Training?

What are the reasons? Want to improve and deepen your knowledge and practice? Thinking about becoming a yoga teacher?

Well first thing to select, in my opinion, is the teacher / school.


  1. Pick the right teacher

It's time to pick a school, or rather, the right teacher. Each school has a school director that will probably be the main training lead teacher, and this is the most important person to check out as this is the person who usually creates, is responsible for, and leads most of (or all) the programme, and it’s the person you will be spending long hours with, so it’s important you choose the right one. What does that mean?

Well, first thing in selecting a yoga teacher is to check if you have the “feeling” that this is going to work (follow your intuition, listen to your heart). Choose someone who resonates with you and your values. Check their biography on their website, check their Instagram feeds if their publications resonate with you. If it’s a bikini beach yoga teacher and that’s ok with you then go for it! If you are after someone who is close to nature and down to earth, then go for it!

Also, check their knowledge and experience within the yoga field, their years of teaching and leading the training, their life story and life experience. In addition to the time commitment, yoga teacher training can induce some pretty intense emotions and energy. You’ll want to be certain you feel confident and comfortable in the guidance of your chosen instructor.


    2- How Many Students Will be in Your Class

While doing your Yoga Teacher Training you will be spending a lot of time with your teacher but also other “trainees”.  I suggest you find out what the capacity is for the training. If you are a person who prefers more intimate groups than do not excess 8 people (like my training), you’ll probably already know that the smaller class size does allow for more personal guidance from the instructor. Smaller class sizes also allow for more intimate connections to your teacher trainer and to your yoga mates.


    3- Training content

Check that the school you want to do the training with follows Yoga Alliance curriculum: Yoga Philosophy and History, Asana practice with alignment / adjusting / assisting / modifying / use of props, deep study of anatomy and physiology, methodology of teaching and sequencing, Teaching practice, Meditation, Pranayama, subtle body, final practical & written exam, group practicum, Spirituality.


    4- Training location

You training can be completed in as little 3 / 4 weeks (intensive) or extended over an entire year (for working people). You can get certified at your neighbourhood studio or fly to India, Bali, Thailand…

To determine what’s best for you, think about your current situation as it relates to work and your social life, and how YTT could affect that schedule. Training is indeed a commitment of time and energy (not to mention a ton of money). Take this into thoughtful consideration as you decide which program will work best for you. Remember, it’s not just the class hours, but the hours of personal practice, teaching practice and other homework assignments. If you choose my training (we finish around 6pm) don’t think you will chill out and go to the beach, and party, and meet friends every evening… please commit during those 3/4-week intensive program to learn, to immerse yourself into the core of yoga, and to find your deeper self.


    5- Is your Training Certified by the Yoga Alliance, or another accredited organization?

Yoga Alliance provides a framework required for every Registered Yoga School (RYS) to follow to be able to lead 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT). It also provides insurance, resources and other benefits if you’re a paying member.

Many studios require that you receive your certification from a Yoga Alliance RYS, or other accredited yoga organization.

My Yoga school is a Yoga Alliance US registered school- 200RYS & 300RYS – and also a YACEP – Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. It is also a IPHM registered training provider.


So, thinking about doing the training with me? If you are in Mallorca come and meet me or book a Skype / WhatsApp video call to chat with me and see if we both have the “feeling” that this is going to work for both of us. For me too it is important to accept in my training the “right” people.


Love & Light


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