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Your Yoga Mentor

One-on-one mentoring sessions for Yoga Teachers and Therapists

Tailored mentoring so that you can organize, plan, and run your yoga, wellness, and therapy business.

I help you solve your doubts about running your consultations, business, and your position as a yoga teacher or therapist with the services you offer.

  • How to run your business

  • How to Self-promoting Yourself

  • Define your goals, and refine your direction

  • Find a purpose and your life mission 

  • Find inspiration and motivation

  • Go beyond your self-limiting beliefs

  • Define your values and belief system

  • Develop a clearer sense of what you want in your career and your personal life

  • Expand your business

  • Feel more confident and self-supporting

  • How to structure your sessions/classes/consultations

  • What documents/materials to use and prepare

  • How and where to find clients

  • How to prepare and structure the initial consultation and the follow-ups

  • How to use the coaching tools in each consultation

  • Expand your personal and professional knowledge and skills

We will define your goals, what motivates you, what holds you back, and all the options so that you can run the business of your dreams!

It will be a teamwork meeting, with someone (me) who's here to motivate you and share with you their own experiences, ideas, skills, and advice.

I will be happy to guide you enhance your work, your business, and your passion!

Empresas saludables

Having a Mentor is having someone:

  • Who can bring you support and guidance in your life choices - professional and personal -

  • Who shares her expertise to inspire you

  • Who shares her professional skills and knowledge with you for you to improve yours

  • Who can uplift you and bring out the best in you

  • Who awakens your inner light and power

  • Who motivates you to go after your dream life, and achieve your life goals

  • Who can wake up in you your true self

It’s OK to ask for help. Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

How does it work?

If it is our first meeting together we will start with a free 20-minute online consultation - via Google Meet - to see how I can help you and what your intentions are, then if you want to work with me we will schedule our first online or in-person mentoring consultation.

Before the session, I will send you a questionnaire that you should complete and return to me with all the information required. This will help me to know you better and will allow me to prepare for our first session together.

*What you get:

  • one-to-one 75 min online or in-person mentoring consultation

  • Assessment & evaluation

  • Worksheets and a plan to work on your goals

  • Notes of the session

  • Resource

  • 20min follow-up session

Price: 120 

After the initial session, any additional session will last for 45-60min for a price of 50, including notes of the session, plan of action, and worksheets.

I recommend you choose the 5-session plan for 225 (instead of 250) to achieve your goals. We will meet every two weeks to evaluate your progress and achievement.

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