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One-on-one Mentoring

For wellness professionals: Coaches, Therapists, Dietitians

Personalized Mentoring so that you can organize, plan, and run your wellness, therapy, coaching, and nutrition consultations.

I help you solve your doubts about running your consultations and your position as a coach/therapist/dietitian with the services you offer.

  • How to structure your sessions?

  • What documents/materials to use and prepare?

  • How to find clients?

  • How to prepare and structure the initial consultation and the follow-ups

  • How to use the coaching tools in each consultation

We will define your goals, what motivates you, what holds you back, and all the options so that you can run the business of your dream!

It will be a teamwork meeting, with someone (me) who's here to motivate you and share with you their own experiences, ideas, skills, and advice.

I will be happy to guide you enhance your work, your business, and your passion!

Empresas saludables
How does it work?
  • Where: We will meet Online through Google Meet or in person at my consultation room in Ariany, Mallorca.

  • How long: 60 minutes for each consultation. The number of sessions needed will be defined after the first session.

  • Cost: 50 Euros per consultation - To be paid before the consultation 

  • Includes: consultation notes, action plan, resources, worksheets

Get a FREE 20-minute session to evaluate your situation and see how we can work together.

Contact me now!​

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