Want to work from home with flexible hours, for a sustainable, ecofriendly, vegan, and fresh cosmetic company that cares for the environment and people's skin?

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Be your own boss!
So Fresh, So Free!

It’s so easy to win people over if you believe in something yourself.

We’re all familiar with this situation: we discover a product we think is so fantastic that we immediately want to tell all our friends about it. It’s exactly the same for our RINGANA Partners – the only difference is that they also earn money when they do so.

You can start a RINGANA business wherever you are in life, work whenever you want at your own pace, at your own time, from home, or while traveling.


It’s so simple:

  • Become a RINGANA Partner

  • Recommend the products and business idea and/or business concept to others

  • In this way, you acquire customers and RINGANA Partners for your own team

  • Receive commission – for recommending the products, and for building up and managing your own customer base and your own Ringana partner team 

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Would you like to be part of my team?

Work at your own pace, be the owner of your time and at the same time be part of a great movement that is committed to skin care, sustainability and nature as the starting point

of our existence.


Creating your own business -green- within a serious and committed company is possible!


I am always looking for entrepreneurs and enthusiastic women, to work together in a great team that gives you support and motivation, and in turn, build up their own Ringana partner team and become a Mentor for others!!!

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