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“My vision is to guide people all over the world on their individual journeys to a

self-determined life of freedom and fullness

so that they can live to their full potential.”

Make the change, Be the change
Business opportunity

Want to work from home with flexible hours, for a sustainable, ecofriendly, vegan, and fresh cosmetic company that cares for the environment and people's skin?

Be your own boss!
So Fresh, So Free!

It’s so easy to win people over if you believe in something yourself.

We’re all familiar with this situation: we discover a product we think is so fantastic that we immediately want to tell all our friends about it. It’s exactly the same for our RINGANA Partners – the only difference is that they also earn money when they do so.

You can start a RINGANA business wherever you are in life, work whenever you want at your own pace, at your own time, from home, or while traveling.


It’s so simple:

  • Become a RINGANA Partner

  • Recommend the products and business idea and/or business concept to others

  • In this way, you acquire customers and RINGANA Partners for your own team

  • Receive commission – for recommending the products, and for building up and managing your own customer base and your own Ringana partner team 

Ringana partner

Can you imagine only doing what you enjoy – when, where and how you want?
Then do it!

Our RINGANA concept: everybody should have the chance to fulfil themselves in a self-determined and autonomous way. This is why we have developed a brilliant business concept that allows our RINGANA Partners to do exactly that. And best of all – you can get started right away without any big investment!

  • So easy – just sign up and get started

Simply sign up online at a cost of 34 Euros, and you will receive the RINGANA Starter Set containing everything you need to get going straight away. With no start-up capital and no obligations.

  • So free – work freely and flexibly

As your own boss, you set your own goals, work to your own timetable and earn exactly what you want to earn.

  • So professional – everything for the perfect marketing image

RINGANA provides you with everything you need to build up sales smoothly and present yourself professionally – from marketing material to your own web page inclusive of online shop and photos.

  • So fresh – only the best for you and your customers

You recommend the RINGANA products that you love, we take care of the shipping and handle the entire sale transaction inclusive of invoicing. That means you don’t need a shop or warehouse, and don’t have to worry about shelf-life. And your customers will always have fresh products delivered directly to their door.

  • So smart – excellently informed and supported

As a RINGANA Partner, not only do we provide you with a mentor to help you get your business off to a successful start, but you also benefit from our regular events – both online and offline.

  • So exciting – build your own network

You’ll see – your enthusiasm will infect others, allowing you to build your own customer base and your own RINGANA team quickly – making your work even more fun!


Would you like to be part of my team?

Work at your own pace, be the owner of your time, and at the same time be part of a great movement that is committed to skincare, sustainability, and nature as the starting point of our existence.


Creating your own business -green- within a serious and committed

company is possible!


“My vision is to guide people all over the world on their individual journeys to a self-determined life of freedom and fullness so that they can live to their full potential.”

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