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Ariany pets



Hi there!

You may have read my biography, so you know a little bit about me, but what you don't know is that I am a Nature, Mother Earth, and Animal Lover!!!

I have 4 adopted cats at home (all adopted here in the village where I live), the last one I brought home on September 6th when I saw he had a fracture on each of his back legs. With all the love and caring he receives from me, he looks happy and healthy, and fingers crossed he will get better!

I also have two adopted poodle toys that I brought from Peru with me to Mallorca in 2016.

I never thought I would adopt cats, and not even 4! But the love and compassion that has grown in me for them since I witnessed the number of stray cats that wander in the streets looking for food and water, and people's lack of awareness, and ignorance about the need for castration, made me want to do something for these beautiful babies.

My 4 adopted cats crossed my path and awakened in me the idea of helping stray cats with castration and food, so here I am now, asking for help.

Here are some pictures I took. This ginger kitten is my new adopted baby, just before he broke his legs. Some pictures were taken from the garbage dump where cats are searching for food. 

With a few neighbors who have the same interest in helping, we created an association about two months ago, called "Cats of Ariany". As the main language of the association is Mallorquin I decided to create a Facebook group to reach my international contacts from all over the world to share our work, to receive volunteers, and to accept donations.

I will post regularly on the Facebook group pictures and videos of our work.


Please feel free to share your thoughts, to help, to donate, and to reach out!

Thank you!


Ariany cats
My fur babies
Stray cats in Mallorca
Stray cats in Mallorca
Stray cats in Ariany, Mallorca

You can donate whatever you want, a minimum of 5 euros will be appreciated.

Below you will find a link to my You can also send me a Bizum if you have a Spanish account.
You can also contact me directly if you are not sure what to do, how much to donate, have questions, or want to visit and feed the cats in Ariany as a volunteer.

Thank you so much for helping, every little step matters!

Meet my fur babies

Bella & Pepis
Pepis and Bella from Peru

First, I adopted Bella (the white one) when she was 2 months old, and then, Pepis at 5 months, ten months after I adopted Bella.
They were both living in a family that had many dogs and couldn't take care of more of them,
They are my first pets and my everything.
Mao, o the King

He's my first cat, I have a special bond with him. He's the most independent and adventurous cat I have ever known. He's the boss! The King of the house. Each time I bring a new kitten at home he's not happy with me!
I found him in a land near the church as if someone had put him there to get rid of him (which is a very common thing here, unfortunately). He was about a month old. He's been with me since May 2019, a week after I moved to the village.
Los Mious
The Mious

Two brothers, who were about 12 days old (September 2021) when an old lady in my street was about to throw them away because her female cat was not castrated (and is still not) and she doesn't want to cover the cost of it. And she probably keeps throwing kittens away every 4 months!!!

So I saved them, and I bottle-fed them for about two weeks. They were the tiniest kitten I had ever seen before. So cute! But the ginger/white one escaped from home last summer (2022) and never came back! 

The only cat female at home. She is the sweetest. She is a home cat, so I get to have her at home all the time. She is very communicative, always calling me when she doesn't know where I am in the house.
I brought her home last September (2022) after I lost one of the Mious. In my mind, I had three cats so losing one made me want to have another one, and a female one this time.

The last baby of the family! He is about a month old, and I noticed him about a couple of weeks ago (September 2023) when I was bringing food to the cat community where I found Nina. He was jumping down a 2-metre wall and I thought, hummmm he is going to break a leg! And he did, a few days later I came back with food and I saw him with his two broken legs! Now he is safe at home and receives a lot of love and care!
Do you want to help me with castration, food, and water?

Please contact me if you want to come by and bring food, and maybe adopt one of the stray cats in Ariany. 

If you want to help and donate please click on the button below, thank you!
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