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Anatomy of Yoga

Anatomy for Yoga & Postural alignment Training
Compression and tension concept
Your Yoga Your Body

This training was designed by Sandrine in 2011

for yoga teachers and practitioners, and also for people from other disciplines.


This training was designed to understand why sometimes we cannot go further into a pose, into a movement.

What stops me? That is the question and the main topic of this valuable workshop. For those who don't have a "ballet dancer or contortionist body", this workshop/training is for you!

If you want to understand the different body types and the art of teaching safely so your students are left satisfied and not feeling "frustrated" by some postures that look impossible to do, this training is perfect for you!

Training content:

  • In-depth anatomy of the skeletal

    • spine​

    • hips

    • shoulders

    • the main bones (different shapes in each person).

  • Muscles, forms of contraction

  • Planes of movement

  • The 8 major joints and their compression point

  • Compression and tension concept - What stops me? Your body your yoga

  • Range of motion - ROM

  • Asana modifications to go over your body restrictions and point of compression

  • Students practice: observation and comparison of each other body structure and point of compression, hands-on adjustment, and asana modification with blocks, straps, blankets, walls, and chairs.

Yoga teachers and non-yoga teachers are welcome!


On request. If you wish to join this course with friends, contact me to arrange dates and venue!


  • 220 € per person


  • 2-day training 

  • Course notes

  • Certificate of attendance

  • During the morning & afternoon break you will be provided with tea, coffee, and healthy snacks, you can also bring your own snack.

For this short course, there will be no refund but if you cannot make it you can request other dates within 12 months, as long as you let me know at least 15 days prior to the start of this training.

In the unlikely event that the training is canceled, you will be refunded 100% of your payment or offer an alternative placement.

If you are a Yoga Studio owner and would like to host this training
at your yoga center please contact me

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