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The Art of Practicing, Assisting and Adjusting Backbend Asanas Training with Thai Massage applied.
*Heart & Hip opening
*Emotional & Energy Flow Release

This training was designed by Sandrine in 2019

 for yoga teachers and practitioners, and also for people from other disciplines.

Training content:

  • How to safely practice, teach, assist, and adjust a Backbend posture?

  • What's the difference between adjusting and assisting?

  • Amount of pressure

  • The right posture for the teacher to assist safely

  • A quick review of the anatomy (bones and muscles)

  • Know your body's limits and restrictions

  • Working with and against gravity,

  • Help to correct unsafe alignment

  • Deepening into a posture

  • Coming in and out of the posture with confidence and safety

  • Chakra opening

  • Heart and hip opening

  • Emotion and energy flow release

  • Backbend with props: yoga wheel, feet-up trainer, swiss ball, wall and blocks

  • Thai Massage applied

Yoga teachers and non-yoga teachers are welcome!


In the village of Ariany, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain - The Yoga Shala is located in my private space.

It can also be held at the place of your choice if you are taking this training privately and/or with friends.



  • 120 € per person


  • 1-day training 

  • Course notes

  • Certificate of attendance

  • During the morning & afternoon break you will be provided with tea, coffee, and healthy snacks, you can also bring your own snack.

For this short course, there will be no refund but if you cannot make it you can request other dates within 12 months, as long as you let me know at least 15 days prior to the start of this training.

In the unlikely event that the training is canceled, you will be refunded 100% of your payment or offer an alternative placement.

If you are a Yoga Studio owner and would like to host this training
at your yoga center please contact me

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