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Food and nutritional education are fundamental pillars of the individual and collective health of the population.

This is contemplated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its health objectives and is included in various countries in their health plans, insisting on the importance of eating habits as a determining factor.

The general objective of nutrition education is to seek attitudes and habits that result in intelligent food selection and the consumption of a nutritious diet for all ages.

We live in a society in which obesity rates are increasing, less physical exercise is practiced and the diet is not entirely correct.

One of the main problems is the lack of information about food, nutrition, and sports that exists, in addition to the existence of misleading advertising that we encounter every day.

At this point, food and nutritional education play a fundamental role in our society; It is responsible for changing the population's bad lifestyle habits into a healthy lifestyle.

My services

The activities to work on healthy eating in schools and colleges are very diverse, some examples are the following:

  • Talks: food, its nutrients and benefits.

  • Projects: food guide, recipe book, create a weekly menu

  • Table games

  • Talks for parents: the importance of eating well, consequences for health.

If you want to carry out my services in your school/institute/association...

Contact me and we'll talk about it!

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