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Formations et Ateliers à Majorque


Goddess Flow Yoga Teacher Training Mallorca

50hrs Goddess Flow Yoga Teacher Training


Nov 15-20 in Ariany

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Mallorca_edited.jpg

50hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


Nov 22-27 in Ariany


Hands-on assist and adjust yoga mallorca

The Art of Assisting and Adjusting Yoga Asanas Course

Thai Yoga Massage applied

Anatomy for Yoga Training Mallorca_edited_edited.jpg

Anatomy for Yoga Course


*Compression & Tension Concept

Partner Yoga and Thai Massage

Partner Yoga

with Thai Massage applied



Why Am I not registered with Yoga Alliance U.S.A. anymore?

After 13 years with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500), 200h Yoga School, and YACEP, two years ago I decided for values, ethical, and practical reasons, not to be registered anymore with them.

I will not detail here my values, and ethical reasons which are mine and not everybody's opinion, but just the practical side:

*90 % of my trainees would not register with Yoga Alliance once they became teachers, and absolutely none of them would take an interest in the YACEP registration, nor add teaching hours to their Y.A. profile...

*From my experience as a registered teacher, I found no need to be registered to get a job, open my yoga studio, or hold retreats, and workshops...

*I guess when you first become a Yoga Teacher you get excited about it and want it all! I know, I had the same feeling too, and I was so proud of becoming a Yoga Teacher that I wanted to show off!!! ha ha ha

And what is the best way to show off? Registering with Y.A. !!!

*To build up your recognition I would suggest you get feedback from each client (use Google feedback in your Google My Business profile).

Now, let's get to the point:
- If you are interested in joining one of my 50-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Goddess Flow or Advanced), or Weekend Courses (Assist & Adjust, Anatomy for Yoga...), you can think about them as "workshops" or as a “specialized course” that does not require a Yoga Alliance certificate.

As you can see in my biography on my website I have studied (and still am) many Holistic Courses that are recognized by the “International Holistic Medicine School” in the UK, but I am not registered with them, and simply adding all those courses on my website is enough to prove my knowledge, dedication, and eager to learn, and the recognition I get comes 100% from my clients with positive feedbacks (check out the reviews on my google profile!).

Happy clients, happy me! It's all that matters!

Let me know what’s your point of view! And get in touch with me if you wish to do a 6-day Training or a weekend course with me.


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