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If you need a Private Yoga Teacher at your home, holiday home, yacht/boat... for any type of event or retreat, during your holiday, or a gathering with your friends, or bachelorette party... please contact me, I would be glad to travel to your place!


  • 70 € for 2 for 75min

  • 90 € for 3 for 75min

  • 110 € for 4 and any additional person 25 €

10€ to 25 additional if the session takes place at your home or holiday home (depending on the distance)


For a birthday and bachelorette party, you can also book a MASSAGE for the birthday girl or future bride-to-be!

Book Your Private Yoga Teacher

for your bachelorette party, a friend gathering,

a birthday party, any event or retreat,

at your home or holiday home.

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